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Solar Panel Scotland are one of the country’s premier providers of solar solutions. Based in Midlothian, we cover most areas of Scotland for both commercial and residential projects and offer a range of services, including the installation, servicing and repair of solar panels, solar batteries, and electric vehicle chargers.

how it works

Installing solar power panels is a terrific way to save money on your energy bills. However, to achieve this to its fullest, Solar Panel Scotland completes an extensive site survey of your home or business prior to any installation.


This site survey allows us to calculate a bespoke quote based on the size of our panels versus the coverage you are likely to receive, factoring in any shade, the direction of the sun and the overall size of your roof.


Completing this investigation will help you get the most out of your panels by regulating the energy you consume with the energy you extract. This allows you to strike the ideal balance between the upfront cost and the investment’s long-term profitability.

why choose us?

We take pride in providing a hassle-free and inexpensive service where the customer’s demands, as well as great quality craftsmanship and operating to current standards, are always prioritized.


We’re convinced that as a company, we will be able to fulfil all of your needs for your next solar energy project, as well as exceed your expectations for quality and affordable electricians in Scotland.

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Let our experts show you just how simple it really is to move towards a greener future.


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